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Congruence Means Having Two Faces

Vic Norman - 6th January 2023
Vic Norman Article

January is so-called because of Janus, the Roman God of doorways , of endings and beginnings. He has two faces looking in opposite directions.
January is the time when we both look back at the year that has gone, whilst at the same time, look forward to the year to come.
It is a time of reflection, a time of newness, it is full of hope but can also be full of regret and painful reminders.


The desire to be renewed and reborn with the New Year can be offset by the continued patterns, seemingly fixed events of the past that threaten to tear down hope.
Over the years my therapy has evolved as I, too, have evolved. I am aware of the events and currents in my own life that have acted as signposts towards how I now practice.
I am a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach and I guess I’ve often seen them as separate traditions. People come for Hypnosis or they come for Coaching. Two strings to a therapeutic bow.


But more and more I found that it was necessary or desirable to forge something new from these apparently different disciplines.
I now practice what I call Quantum Hypnosis and Coaching. I use a mixture of both things to get to the heart of the issue, peeling back the layers, gently, safely, revealing the core.
I read something recently that resonated with me so powerfully. I’m paraphrasing here, but it said something like “Beneath the trauma response is the unmet need”.


If we get in touch with the core, the greatest healing can take place. Think of someone holding a bunch of balloons on strings in their hand. Written on each 1 of the balloons is a different symptom, way of being, insecurity, fear, etc.
Many traditions might advocate popping as many of the balloons as possible in the hope this would affect as much change as could realistically take place.
I prefer reaching down and gently opening the hand, allowing the balloons to float away.
There is a connection to mind and body and I remain convinced that they are both constantly influencing each other.
On a quantum level perhaps is where they meet, and using both Hypnosis and Coaching in the ways that I do have allowed healing, mentally, emotionally and physically to take place by resetting the system.

This January don’t just look backwards or forwards, also look within.

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Vic Norman trained as a Hypnotherapist in the mid-90s. Coupled with a love of personal development and growth, he ran workshops and events in various centres around the UK. Gaining further qualifications in Life Coaching, Counselling and Teaching, he then embarked on a teaching career, helping to train future counsellors and coaches. He’s passionate about teaching/training in a fun, dynamic and motivational manner.
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