Learner Feedback

Having spent many years in the Adult Learning Sector both as a student and a teacher I have yet to meet a more dedicated, knowledgeable, engaging and inspirational teacher. Vic is secure in his teaching ability and his subject(s) and you will feel safe and assured in his abilities to pass on his subject. You will be educated, elevated, and entertained far above and beyond your wildest expectations. Vic makes learning a joy, despite his often-questionable sense of humour and dress sense (joke).

M McCann

Errolie is a great tutor, she is very approachable, helpful, reliable and well organised.  My peers and I always really looked forward to and enjoyed her classes as they were so very informative, with a good mix of solo or group work, presentations, dyads, encounter groups to name just a few. 

As the course supervisor Errolie was open, honest and transparent with constructive feedback, which I always looked forward to hearing, along with her helpful and insightful suggestions, challenges and support full of encouragement.  

Ever grateful!

Pamela R

Vic Norman, the man who has the expertise to support you to become the best version of yourself by empowering you to think outside the box, to challenge set beliefs and question the norm. To get that brain ticking and providing a pathway to achieve goals that seemed difficult to attain. 

Having taken on the Level 1 Counselling Skills course, when the world had just about learned to cope with life after the pandemic, having Vic as the tutor was like having a ray of light & hope amidst darkness and hopelessness. He not only brought academic knowledge to us but through his vast personal experiences and achievements, he brought guidance to sensitively work through emotions along with tools, skills and exercises to embed the criteria. Reading material to expand knowledge, above all, laughter and fun to enjoy the experience of learning. His unique style of teaching brought anticipation and enthusiasm for lessons each week to learn more and more; I call it “food for the soul”.

By the end of the Level 2 Counselling Skills course, he had turned us into individuals who could go within to unlearn & relearn what we thought we knew. He has made a profound difference to the way I think and process information. He has changed my fears to strength, self doubts to self confidence and broadened my horizon to think beyond it.

I will always be in gratitude to have been his student and continue being one. There is not limit to learning; knowledge is infinite.

P Patel

I really value working with Errolie Sermaine as a supervisor. Her wealth of experience and wisdom helps me gain fresh perspective on my counselling work. Uniquely, I find she has the perfect balance between working in the best interest of my clients and looking out for me. Counselling work is quite isolating especially when you first start and I have found that Errolie’s support has been vital to making me the best counsellor I can be”.

Melanie G

Vic Norman is a highly experienced and qualified teacher, as well as therapist. I have studied various courses with him from counselling to Life Coaching level 3.

He has inspired me to continue learning, studying and developing in my self growth through his teaching and continuous support throughout my years of being his student.

As a result of completing Life Coaching level 3 with Vic, I have been equipped with life changing skills and techniques which I use in my personal life, as well as professionally. It has also enabled me to go through personal growth and development which has been a game changer for me.

I would highly recommend Vic Norman as a tutor. He is experienced, knowledgeable and very humorous which makes learning fun!.. Thanking him doesn’t adequately express my gratitude for my experience in his courses I’ve been in for a few years..

S Begum

I was extremely impressed with Errolie’s teaching and supervision when undertaking my counselling qualifications. I was frequently taught by her between 2018 and 2021 and I thought her teaching fantastic.

Errolie was extremely knowledgeable about the subject as well as insightful, approachable and hugely supportive to students. It is evident that she is passionate about what she does. I found supervision incredibly helpful and felt that I always benefited from supervision sessions. I always took away a clearer understanding of the work I was undertaking with current clients as well as fresh ideas and perspectives. 

I couldn’t recommend Errolie enough if you are thinking about studying therapeutic counselling, or if you are already qualified and are looking for a skilled supervisor. Thanks to her teaching, support and guidance I now work full time as a Counsellor. 

Ellie B

Errolie is a wonderful tutor and supervisor! I was quite shy and anxious when I first started counselling training, but she puts you at ease straight away. This made it easier for me to listen and learn and be myself. With her knowledge and experience, Errolie can explore anything with you and I never felt like I couldn’t bring anything to her. Having a tutor that’s passionate about her work shows she cares and you know you will get the best teaching when it comes to the counselling training. It’s been worth it and I’ve learnt loads! I now have the motivation to just keep learning further and never feel shy or anxious when going into a new setting anymore. I now work as a counsellor, so it’s been worth it!

As a supervisor, Errolie is reassuring, open and honest. I always leave feeling at ease and able to reflect on my work with better understanding. If I hadn’t found the counselling courses with Errolie as the tutor I don’t know what I would have ended up doing. She truly made the course enjoyable and I can’t wait to embark on another course with her again.

Thank you Errolie

Tara H