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2nd February 2024
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Joanne B – “On Thursday 25th January 2024 I shared in our last checkin for my Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling I feel ready!What did I mean ready? Did I mean in the sense of a tick box exercise? The three aspects of the course, a fully completed folder with the criteria all met, the magic 100 hours in placement, passing the external assessment? Or was it the aspect of the course that LSC excel in – personal growth and development?  

LSC is built on a foundation of Person-centred core conditions and personal development throughout the course enables you to become your authentic self, address your triggers, challenge your biases, educate yourself on aspects of wider society and (once this is achieved) to be truly present in the counselling relationship. 

So, when I said I feel ready I actually meant ready to take the next big step on this journey. I have developed the skills to manage my inner critic and I am mindful not to engage with imposter syndrome thoughts. I accept that I am human and that the challenges of my life can impact my ability as a counsellor. I accept that the road ahead may be challenging but I know the limits of my ability and the importance of self-care. I know now that I cannot pour from an empty jug and that this path is truly my vocation. I am so grateful to LSC for equipping me with so much more than just a qualification certificate.”

Sharonjit M – “When I tentatively joined a Counselling Skills course in 2018, I was nervous, questioning if I was too entrenched in my old ways to learn anything new. I was 40 years old, understood my capabilities and limitations and most of all, thought that I knew myself. I’d always been self-reflective and believed there were no surprises left for me. Yet, after completing my Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling this year, I know I’m no longer the same person that walked through that classroom door.  

The Level 4 course and the tutors at LSC created a safe space that allowed my peers and I to thrive, not only as future counselling practitioners but as ‘whole’ human beings. The holistic nature of the course encouraged us to find ourselves, challenging ingrained ideas, becoming aware of our possibilities and the importance of understanding self before trying to help others.  

Over time I’ve learned how differing counselling theories can be applicable to clients and why specific techniques work to encourage and embolden those we are holding space for. I’ve been trained to prioritise the person sat in front of me during a counselling session; to stay with them whilst they recount hurtful topics and to practise self-care to ensure that I am fully present. Over time I’ve watched my peers and I grow in confidence under the patient tutelage of Errolie, Vic and Martin.  

I’m proud to say that I have been trained by the London School of Counselling and feel immense confidence that the future alumni of LSC will be outstanding counselling practitioners.”

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