April, Apertures and Authenticity – By Vic Norman

On a Counselling course that begins in the New Year, by this time, something magical often begins to happen. Growing awareness of Self through journalling and personal development and talking points in class coupled with growing awareness of others through diversity topics etc, provide space for acceptance to come through.

The Reason I Am A Teacher – By Vic Norman

Vic Norman

A brand new Level 2 Counselling course began last week. 16 learners wanting to learn the skills of counselling. Some of them will go on to qualify as Counsellors in a couple of years whilst others will use what they learn in other helping roles.

Congruence Means Having Two Faces – By Vic Norman

Vic Norman Article

January is so-called because of Janus, the Roman God of doorways , of endings and beginnings. He has two faces looking in opposite directions.
January is the time when we both look back at the year that has gone, whilst at the same time, look forward to the year to come.
It is a time of reflection, a time of newness, it is full of hope but can also be full of regret and painful reminders.